Regain Herbal Remedies offering Ayurveda Distributor opportunity in all states of India and looking to appoint Tehsil & District wise-wise Ayurveda distributor for Ayurvedic Products & Medicines distribution, Who can supply the Ayurvedic Medicines and Herbal Products into the market as per our distribution and marketing plan and the help of our sales and marketing team. This is very unique and wonderful Ayurveda business opportunity to set up a risk-free business in the Ayurveda Business Opportunity with a leading & Fastest Growing Ayurveda brand of India. We are looking for a financially sound party with a good distribution network in the market.

What is the work of Ayurveda Distributor:

  • To Supply the Ayurvedic Medicines & Herbal products into the market
  • To Supply the Ayurvedic Medicines & Herbal products to Ayurveda Practitioners
  • To help our marketing team to develop and handle retail & ayurvedic practitioner network.
  • To set up one main "Ayurveda Wellness Centre" in the concerned district.
  • To help our team to manage local promotion and awareness camp.

Support from Company for Ayurveda Distributor:

  • Sales & Marketing Team from Company
  • Print Media & Online Publicity
  • BTL/ATL Activities& Health Camp Support
  • Time-Tested Treatment Protocol Support to Each Ayurveda Wellness Center
  • Result Oriented Ayurvedic Medicine with Money Back Assurance
  • Dedicated customer care support to handle treatment and product related query from concern area.

Investment for Ayurveda Distributor :

  • Initial investment start from 1 Lacs for Tehsil level distributor to purchase stock, But further depends as per the city and district population.
  • Distributor need to maintain stock inventory equal to one month average sale volume.
  • Distributor need to maintain stock of every items as per the market requirement.